Start Domestic.

If you're a start-up hardware company, or an established OEM with an innovative new product, starting right is the key to launch success. And now more than ever, starting right means starting domestically.

Early in the product lifecycle is where all proof of concept and manufacturing should occur. At this stage it's all about reducing risk by laying bare all possible design, manufacturing and supply challenges and at the same time maximizing efficiencies.

As many start-ups have discovered, language barriers, cultural differences and time zone constraints make this complex refinement nearly impossible.

As the product lifecycle matures there will be plenty of time to explore the cost benefits of overseas production. In fact, we advocate it. But at this stage, quality engineering and production foresight rule the day.

case study

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case study:

a great idea demands
great execution.

The vending machine industry has made very few technological advances since its inception.
New laws requiring the display of nutritional content have shaken up the industry and a
company by the name of VendScreen surfaced.

VendScreen brought to the market a device that displays nutritional data, allows for cashless
payment, and records real-time statistics to help operators do business more efficiently.

They came to RelianceCM with a prototype device and we worked with them to create a
production ready design. We put together a team that helped simplify the design by
reducing the number of touch points required for assembly, therefore reducing labor costs.
Our supply chain expertise resulted in significant cost savings that enabled VendScreen to
revolutionize the vending industry.


VendScreen is helping an industry adhere to new standards and we're helping our client
revolutionize the future of vending. Who knows, together we may one day develop a
solution for the dangling bag of chips.


Preparation is the key to
product success.

Long before your innovation rolls on to the
launching pad, we've anticipated every
potential roadblock and pitfall.

We do more than make products perform –
we make products thrive and for that you
need the open, clear and responsive
communication you can only get with a
domestic contract manufacturer.

We're quick on our feet, meticulous from
end to end, and committed to making quality
products that are fit for the long haul.

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RelianceCM is a contract-manufacturing lab designed to help start-ups, emerging businesses and pioneering (enterprising, disruptive) OEM's to take full advantage of their product innovations.

Comprised of engineers, academics, thought leaders and entrepreneurial spirits, our combined skill set is as diverse as our clientele. We're inspired by innovators, excited by challenge, and ready to take your product to market with the ease and efficiency that comes with over 25 years experience.