about us.

RelianceCM specializes in contract manufacturing for startups, emerging businesses and pioneering OEMs. We provide complete engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment solutions tailored to the demands of your industry.

Comprised of engineers, academics, thought leaders and entrepreneurial spirits, our combined skill set is as diverse as our clientele. We’re inspired by innovators, excited by challenge, and ready to take your product to market with the ease and efficiency that comes with over 25 years experience.

how we think

how we think.

RelianceCM is different than most all contract manufacturers. Rather than focus on a particular industry or product type, RelianceCM was built for the early stages of the product lifecycle. The start-up, production and launch phase.

We live and breathe in the most crucial stage of the product lifecycle. It’s a place where there is little room for error and even the smallest oversight can have a huge impact on your product’s profitability and success. We’ve built our entire operation to fit the complexities of this critical zone.

From prototyping to production and beyond, our entire focus is to launch your product into long-term sales growth.

Nothing is bolted to the floow

nothing's bolted to the floor.

We’ve pioneered an infrastructure that affords you a smooth transition from initial concept to volume production by using flexible assembly and testing processes. These processes accommodate low introductory volumes and then scale rapidly without disruption.

The scalable approach allows RelianceCM the ability to draw from our partnerships with various engineers and fabricators to match your changing needs.

Tube Drive

a time-to-market jam session.

The Tube Drive helps musicians produce that thick, supersaturated modern guitar tones used in mellow blues and classic rock overdrive – and overdrive is the perfect description for the time-to-market constraints of this project. We provided expert advice regarding the integration of product design and manufacturing. We identified simplifications that accelerated sourcing and assembly. The result was that sweet sound of another product success story.