MTO Upgrades Equipment and Production Floor

New Surface Mount Equipment and Expanded Production Area

Mega Tech of Oregon has invested in a brand new Juki KE-1080 High-Speed Flexible Mount System.  With our continued growth in 2011 and into 2012, the addition of the Juki KE-1080 will increase our capacity, as well as improve the accuracy and placement of our surface mount equipment.  The KE-1080 is equipped with the latest technology including a High Resolution HeadLaser Centering, and Vision Centering.

Meet our new Juki KE – 1080


The most significant improvement for MTO is that we will now have the ability to machine place 0201 and 01005 package sizes.  MTO is committed to keeping pace with the changing technology, and the machine placement of the smaller package sizes is just one example.

With the addition of the new Juki, we also took this as a great opportunity to expand the automated assembly area by knocking out walls and increasing our production area by an additional 750 sq ft.  This change is going to allow us to streamline many of the processes that used to be located in separate areas of the building.

The Juki KE-1080 is delivered

Here’s a short slideshow of the new machine being delivered and put in its place.

Juki running and improvements to the factory floor

Here’s a quick look at the new Juki KE-1080 SMT machine and the upgrades to the MTO factory floor.


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