Accelerating Hardware for the Future

Addressing a growing need and opportunity in the connected devices category, Portland State University (PSU) Business Accelerator and RelianceCM have partnered to introduce a new Hardware Cluster.

This new partnership aims to address the specialized needs of smart device startups, such as manufacturing, engineering design considerations, and supply chain. Of the 30 startups in the PSU Business Accelerator program, approximately 15 percent are poised to participate in the new Hardware Cluster.

PSU Business Accelerator Hardware Cluster

Angela Jackson introduces Scott Schroeder of RelianceCM as Strategic Partner in Residence for new Hardware Cluster at PSU Business Accelerator.

Investing Expertise in the Hardware Revolution

“In our experience, entrepreneurs often struggle when they do not have the experience necessary to develop a successful hardware product,” says Scott Schroeder, president of RelianceCM. “The unknowns in designing, manufacturing, and ramping up production can be catastrophic to a startup without the proper guidance.”

“Celebrating our 10th anniversary gives us the chance to look back at what we’ve achieved, but also forward at the next wave of explosive growth opportunities,” says Angela Jackson, director of PSU Business Accelerator. “With PSU’s engineering school, the Oregon technology ecosystem and our existing startups, we’re uniquely positioned to grow the connected and smart device category for the next 10 years.”

Cluster Collaboration

As a Strategic Partner in Residence, RelianceCM will provide hardware startups in Oregon with unprecedented access and mentoring for the unique needs of today’s smart devices, such as engineering and U.S.-based manufacturing consultation.

RelianceCM will contribute a full breadth of hardware startup resources by working with its industry partners, including an Indiegogo Partner Page, Palo Alto Software, and Oregon-based Rigado for engineering expertise.

The new Hardware Cluster will also serve as home to the recently established PDX Hardware Startup Meetup to help strengthen the entire connected devices community by creating a space for constructive collisions.

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