Hardware Revolution: Breakthrough Smart Devices

I’m often amazed at the ingenuity and creativity from today’s hardware startups. This was especially true when I was at CES earlier this year. I spent my time at the show in the Eureka Park area since that’s where the startup action takes place, and besides, you can only look at so many different curved TVs on the main floor.

Here’s a quick look at some of the hardware startups that stood out to me:

  • Onewheel – I first heard about this product when I met the founder, Kyle Doerksen, at a San Francisco Hardware Startup Meetup.  TechCrunch described Kyle’s invention as a “magical self-balancing electric skateboard…”  That about sums it up! And it’s every bit as awesome to ride as it looks.  Onewheel’s Kickstarter campaign ended Jan. 27 with $630,000 in funding, congratulations Kyle!

  • Power Pot – Do you ever look at a product and say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That was my first thought when I stumbled across the Power Pot, a USB generator that’s powered simply by boiling water.  Being from Oregon, I can appreciate the convenience of the Power Pot. I’d love to use this for charging my phone, tablet, or GPS products when camping or hiking.
  • Lumenplay – One of the top trends I noticed at the show this year was LED smart phone controlled lighting products.  What I liked best about Lumenplay was that it’s designed to be used with a string of lights. That extends the possibilities way beyond the holidays for use all year long.  Think about uses for patio lights or parties, especially when synced to your music.

What were some of the latest hardware startups that have caught your attention?

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