Las Vegas Hardware Startup Workshop 2014

vegasDo you need a reason to book a last minute flight to Vegas this weekend?

The Las Vegas Startups Meetup is putting on a one day workshop to give your hardware startup the building blocks to launch a company.  The speakers will be Andrew Bogarri, Eric Jennings, Gian “John” Brown, Joe Born, Gerard Casale, and our own David Schroeder.

There will be a variety of topics covered related to building your hardware startup that range from building your MVP and raising capital to getting your product to retail.

A common myth in the hardware startup world is that you need to go to China to manufacture; however a recent article on The Channel stated that 50% of hardware startups will be manufacturing in the US in the near future. David Schroeder will be leveraging his background in manufacturing and will discuss the differences between domestic and overseas production.

Come check out the event and be a part of growing Vegas tech community!

Check out our blog next week for a recap of the event.

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