Apple MFi License. Who needs it?

RelianceCM has been working with companies to develop and manufacture their products in the Apple MFi program.  We received our MFi Manufacturing License, which allows us access to Apple licensced technology. After having worked with a number of companies trying to navigate the MFi process, I thought I’d compile some of the common questions we receive.

Do I need to get an Apple MFi License?

There are two types of licenses you can obtain, a Developers License and a Manufacturing License.  If you are only designing your product and plan on having someone else manufacture it for you, you will only need to get your MFi Developers License.

Does my product need to be Apple MFi Certified?

If you are going to develop electronic products using licensed technology from Apple, then you will need to join the MFi program. If your product uses the Lightning Connector, it will also need to be manufactured with an Apple MFi Manufacturing Licensee.  This means that the manufacturing licensee that you choose will manage the product plan, all reporting to Apple, and procurement of components.

What if my product connects via Bluetooth?

This one depends. If the device does not use any MFi licensed technology and uses either Bluetooth Low Energy or one of the standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS, then you do not need the MFi program.

I’m trying to develop an App, does any of this apply to me?

No.  If you are only developing Apps, even if they communicate with a piece of hardware, you do not need an MFi license. You will need to join the iOS Developers Program to gain access to the iOS SDK.

To lean more about the specifics of the program you can find what you need on the Apple website. If you have any questions about the program do not hesitate to contact me at

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