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So You’re Thinking About a Hardware Startup…

All startups encounter challenges, even wildly successful startups have their own obstacles. There are areas that a Hardware Startup has to worry about that a traditional tech startup focusing on software does not. Have you ever heard the word “supply … Continue reading

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Apple MFi License. Who needs it?

RelianceCM has been working with companies to develop and manufacture their products in the Apple MFi program.  We received our MFi Manufacturing License, which allows us access to Apple licensced technology. After having worked with a number of companies trying … Continue reading

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How Hardware Startups Can Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with how the Lean Startup principles apply to general technology and software products, but are less aware of how important it is for hardware. The added investment of not only time but hard costs for manufactured … Continue reading

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Save the Date: Hardware Startup Events in 2014

Can you recall a “constructive collision” you’ve encountered at a recent networking or trade show event? I can. And it’s the main reason why I try to attend so many events each year. Networking is great, but it’s the opportunity … Continue reading

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Hardware Revolution: Breakthrough Smart Devices

I’m often amazed at the ingenuity and creativity from today’s hardware startups. This was especially true when I was at CES earlier this year. I spent my time at the show in the Eureka Park area since that’s where the … Continue reading

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