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So You’re Thinking About a Hardware Startup…

All startups encounter challenges, even wildly successful startups have their own obstacles. There are areas that a Hardware Startup has to worry about that a traditional tech startup focusing on software does not. Have you ever heard the word “supply … Continue reading

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Apple MFi License. Who needs it?

RelianceCM has been working with companies to develop and manufacture their products in the Apple MFi program.  We received our MFi Manufacturing License, which allows us access to Apple licensced technology. After having worked with a number of companies trying … Continue reading

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The Coolest Cooler: A Success for Portland

The Coolest Cooler by Ryan Grepper is on track to becoming Kickstarter’s most-funded project ever.  The current title of most-funded project goes to the Pebble Smartwatch, which raised over $10 million in 2012. Not only is this crowdfunding feat a … Continue reading

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5 Signs You Picked the Right Manufacturer

Choosing someone to build your product is a very big decision that many hardware companies face.  For those companies that have little to no experience working with contract manufacturers (CMs), evaluating the relationship can be difficult.  It’s pretty straight forward; … Continue reading

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Compliance with the EU’s RoHS2, REACH and WEEE2 Directives

There’s a lot of talk about RoHS2, and every company that plans on marketing their product(s) in Europe needs to be aware of the RoHS2, REACH, and WEEE2 directives.   These directives were put in place to help protect human health … Continue reading

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