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Our high technology clients range from factory automation, to industrial ink jet applications, to RF assemblies. Our high technology work even extends to teleconferencing applications, where we've helped develop and prototype high-speed circuits with proprietary encryption capabilities.

flexible circuit

Flexible circuit

From high-performance audio gear to ski equipment, our technical, logistical, and production staff can help clients turn their ideas into products sold on the consumer market. For example, we built products used by some of the world’s top athletes – including physiological feedback tools used by the 2010 World Cup Champions.

computer training aid for ski racers

Medical devices

Our transportation clients rely on us to provide crucial components for operations and safety. We've built on-board truck scales, system monitoring devices, and have supplied one of the country's largest RV manufacturers with power distribution panels for more than 10 years. Our capabilities extend to the aviation industry, where we've manufactured environmental controls, external lighting systems, and electronic flap switch controllers.

oregon department of transportation camera mount device

Transportation device

From developing technology to solve magnetic noise problems in MRI’s, to refining a device used to pinpoint and irradiate tumors in cancer patients, our medical clients rely on us to bring cutting edge ideas to life.

We have built a broad range of industrial products ranging from high tech processing equipment to metal detection systems. Whether it is analyzing the quality of wood fiber for the perfect cut, or manufacturing fire suppression equipment for conveying systems, we have worked with a variety of products on the forefront of industrial technology.

Power distribution panel

Power distribution panel

From fuel cell products to energy efficient lighting systems, we have worked with a number of customers in the cleantech industry. One customer developed a solution to optimize the way farmers manage irrigation, resulting in improved watering efficiency. We helped them achieve this by assisting in the creation of a data collection system that distributes the data over wireless networks.