the team.

Our experience is rich and varied, but together we’re passionate about working hard, solving problems, and keeping our clients happy. Here are just a few key members of the RelianceCM lineup.

Scott R. Schroeder

bio CEO
Scott has been running manufacturing facilities for over 20 years. He is unique in that his love for photography and travel are second only to his love for manufacturing. He’s our fearless leader, a lifelong learner, and a heck of a nice guy.

David Schroeder

bio President
Half as old and twice as smart, our clients trust David to manage every aspect of their project. By night he can be found unwinding in the backyard, manning one of his three grills.

Patty Baker

bio Relationship Manager
She’s a master at converting customer needs into manufacturing deliverables. Her ability to achieve win-win situations is inspirational. And she does all of this while managing a healthy obsession with cute shoes.

Matthew Bierek

bio Controller
He serves on boards, he directs non-profits, and he’s a bona-fide city counselor. Matt makes other pillars of the community look like sofa cushions holding up a living room fort. On top of it all he has over 20 years of managing experience in the electronics industry.

Nathan Fivecoat

bio Project Manager
After Nathan's series finale as an onsite technician for Netflix, he moved to RelianceCM and became an expert in machine operation, maintenance, project management, and troubleshooting. He dreams of owning a small island, but is still troubleshooting the shark situation.